Why Should You Hire An Attorney to File For Divorce?

Posted by Griff BelserDec 27, 20210 Comments

The time has come. You've decided that you need to file for divorce. Don't feel alone if this occurred. While it's believed that the rate of marriage is declining faster than the rate of divorce, it's still estimated that 40% to 50% of all marriages will be ending in divorce, according to Itsovereasy.com. While you can potentially begin the filing process on your own, we recommend that you wait before doing so. You may be aware of the need for divorce lawyers while you are going through the divorce process, but most people should reach out to them well before they actually do.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney to File For Divorce?

To put it simply, the sooner you hire a divorce lawyer, the more likely it is that your divorce will go in your favor, generally speaking. As much as your divorce may be amicable, you still need to be aware of the fact that you are getting divorced for a reason. You and your ex will likely not be in agreement on everything, especially if the two of you share significant assets, pets, or children. It is not the responsibility of either one of you to make one another aware of a lawyer's involvement. So while you may be assuming that you're both starting the process without a lawyer, this isn't necessarily the case.

The responsibility of your divorce lawyer is to both ensure that your divorce is as smooth as possible and to advocate for your interests. If your ex gets the upper hand immediately with their lawyer, you may end up losing more than you walk away with. Additionally, you need to remember that the point of hiring an attorney is not to fight with your ex, but to make sure that you are protected and that your divorce doesn't get dragged out any longer than it has to.

Don't Lawyers Make Divorce More Expensive?

This is a common misconception. In fact, lawyers can help you save money. If your divorce ends up in court because you and your spouse can't come to an agreement, you can add court fees to your divorce costs. Furthermore, a lawyer can advocate for your financial interests, ensuring that you receive more or lose less, ideally.

While it may seem that you're saving funds by filing on your own, you could quite easily end up losing money without a lawyer. Call Belser Law Firm, LLC to schedule a consultation today.