For those living in or close to Decatur, AL the staff at Belser Law Office and attorney Griff Belser provide a full range of divorce law, child custody, and criminal defense legal services.

Belser Law Office Provides

With over a decade in providing services in the areas of criminal defense, Mr. Belser has the ability to provide exceptional legal services and support for his clients. He is one of the few criminal defense lawyers in the Decatur, AL area who has represented clients in trials in almost forty cases.

Mr. Belser has the experience and expertise to represent those charged with a crime and work aggressively to have the charges reduced or, in some cases, dropped.

A Compassionate Divorce Law Practice

Divorce law can be very emotional, and people have to make a number of extremely important decisions at a time when they are often under stress. As a child custody attorney and divorce lawyer, Mr. Belser listens to his clients and takes the time to answer questions and to explain the options. He also ensures, in his role as a child custody attorney, that the best interests of his client and the child or children are at the center of all he does.

No two cases are the same in divorce and family law or in criminal defense cases. At Belser Law Office, our legal services are personalized to meet your needs, starting with a free consultation on your case. Get in touch with our team today by completing our online form or call us at (256) 656-3839 to schedule your consultation.